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Employee Apps are the ultimate engagement and communication tool, transforming the way companies motivate, engage and reward their employees.

Demonstrate your innovative culture with the latest internal communication tool - an employee communications app for mobile.
Enhance internal employee communications with instant updates on news stories, image galleries, videos, presentations, documents and more - even for those without company email.
Stimulate two-way engagement with comments, employee feedback forms and user generated content. An employee feedback app facility can motivate and empower employees.
Gain improved, measurable read rates with 80% via Push Notifications from internal communications apps versus 20% for email or low reach, difficult to measure print publications.
Stay in control of your content & costs by making in-house updates with our intuitive Content Management System (CMS).
Understand & react to audience behavior through measurable analytics. Develop a responsive internal communications strategy and create news tailored to your employee audience.
Reduce cost and be kinder to the environment by replacing printed newsletters and magazines with an internal communications app.

Internal Communication App Features

Latest News Feed

Engage your audience with human interest stories, news from different departments, photo galleries from social events, along with traditional business updates. With an employee communications app, internal news becomes dynamic, relevant and engaging to all. The latest news is published at the top of the feed so everyone can see what's happening instantly.

News Near & Far

Tag news with its location so people can see, not only stories close to them, but those at other locations, too - wherever they are. Everyone sees the bigger picture.

Social Media Feeds

Share your existing media channels with your team and give them something to "like", "share" or "pin" with their own contacts to boost your company's profile, improve your reputation, grow your business and make recruitment easier.


People who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to stay with your company. The App helps your recognize personal achievements and contributions, boosting morale and productivity. The employee feedback app facility in particular helps to reward and retain employees.

Business Updates

When your people are focusing on individual projects it's sometimes hard for them to see the big picture. The business update section provides a chronological sequence of announcements, interim updates and requests for personal feedback.

Submit A Story

The most valuable insights can come from the most unlikely sources. With the App, your team members, regardless of role or location, can create news and share ideas - anonymously if they wish - to improvement the organisation and share their successes.

Why Employee Engagement?

"Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%." - Dale Carnegie
"Companies with engaged employees report 2.5x more revenue than competitors with low engagement levels." - themuse
"Firms with high levels of employee engagement also have higher levels of shareholder value." - Employee Management (Macey)

  1. Easily import your company information from an existing database.
  2. Incorporate popular feeds like event calendars and blogs, RSS, YouTube, and more without any manual input.
  3. Incorporate the native smartphone features users love, like maps, text, and social media, into your engagement experience for complete mobile interaction.
  4. Create a portal of important third party company links by pulling in web pages that can be viewed without even leaving the app.
  5. Push Notifications & Messages
  6. Communicate with employees wherever they are—remote, in-office, or on-the-go—with the ease, immediacy, and convenience of push messaging.
  7. Send highly personalized messages through segmentation, geo-fenced message regions, or targeted groups for the highest relevance 
  8. View real-time previews of your message in the Mobile App Dashboard before it’s sent out so you see what employees will see. Not ready to send? Schedule it for later.
  9. Give employees a well-organized push message center to save, archive, and revisit your messages for easy information access.
  10. Send anonymous multiple choice quick polls through push to instantly collect feedback that updates with the most current results in real time.New Paragraph

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